Caretaking services

We are your contact partner for professional services relating to the maintenance of your property with a location in Erlangen, Fürth or Nürnberg. We have the required expert knowledge for industrial cleaning and are specialised in property management.
We are an efficient and flexible partner, with a fleet of vehicles which means we can be on-site for our customers at lightning speed.

Our company has capacity for all work necessary in the house or garden. We can also take on maintenance of offices and businesses. Simply contact us and we can create an individual offer for your requirements.

If desired, we can provide an external caretaker who will be responsible for your property as your personal point of contact. This allows for personal contact and an uncomplicated solution for any problems which may occur.


A selection of our caretaking services for you to browse,
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Overview of services:

  • Supervision of the property according to your specifications
  • Monitoring compliance with house regulations
  • Keeping paths, garages and green areas belonging to the property clean
  • Cleaning of floor grates or other dirt trapping devices
  • Clearing dirt (leaves, paper, refuse) from water inlets, gutters and drains
  • Execution of minor repairs
  • Dustbin service
  • 24-hour emergency service