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From a cellar to the first floor of German craftsmanship

The Elbert Group from Erlangen offers a comprehensive range of competent services in many trade sectors.

Success stories always have an unusual beginning. This is true for Holger Elbert, too. The entrepreneur remembers: “After my apprenticeship, I began work in a cellar. A small cellar in Bamberg.” Bad experiences with tradespeople triggered Holger Ebert to concentrate on the attributes of service and quality. A little later, he founded an installation services company as his first step into self-employment and began assembling exclusive kitchens and high-quality furniture throughout Europe. With great success!

Soon, the order situation was so good that the company was at its logistical limits. Holger Elbert went back to school, successfully passing his exams as a freight transport tradesman at the IHK in 1999. The birth of his own haulage firm. Two years later, he finally founded his long-cultivated “Painting and Decorating Master Business Holger Elbert” and, thanks to his company’s excellent quality characteristics, just a year later was admitted to the renowned Malermeisterkreis, the Circle of Master Painters, an association of serious painting master businesses with a particular focus on perfect workmanship. Naturally, the cellar rooms in Bamberg soon became too small on the path to this success. The Elbert team moved to Erlangen. New, bright, friendly rooms, a customer-friendly atmosphere and sufficient warehouse capacity for tools and materials, as well as a spacious workshop equipped with up-to-date technology, characterise the look of the successful business today.

Customers are truly important to Holger Elbert. Often, he has long conversations with them, listening to their requests, problems and concerns. Thanks to these conversations, he discovered organisational problems during interactions between different trades on the building sites. Vague agreements, competence problems on site, responsibility pushed back and forth between individual companies and the subsequent problems with deadlines or quality were the difficulties brought to him. After more than 25 years of building experience in over ten building trades, Holger Elbert founded the company SANREMO without further ado, as the last missing link in carrying out all activities related to the fields of renovation, modernisation and remodelling with its own, highly qualified specialist staff, who receive annual training to keep them up to date. Since then, information loss or coordination problems between the different trades are a thing of the past.

From the first consultation to the completed handover of the property, an Elbert customer has a skilled contact partner, who not only knows their requirements, but also the specifics of the project and is therefore able to react quickly and flexibly to unforeseeable events. The comprehensive range of services offered by the businesses which now operate under the name of the Elbert Group is complemented by the services offered by the metalworking master business T. Hofmann. Thus, the employees of the Elbert Group offer a complete range of renovation work from the roof to the cellar from one provider.

The performance capabilities of the Elbert team in the fields of complete refurbishment, full thermal insulation, facades, or also floor coatings have been being made use of by the Siemens Wohnungsgesellschaft mbH Erlangen (Siemens Housing Association) for years. One of the most recent reference projects here is the attractive Kinderlaube daycare centre. Our company’s list of renowned clients also includes the GeWoBau, the Gemeinnützige Wohnungsgesellschaft Franken (Franconian Non-profit Housing Association), the Bundesagentur für Arbeit (Federal Employment Agency), VW-AG Baunatal, the GBW AG in Munich, Stahlgruber, renowned architects from across Franconia, Carolus Graf von Thun und Hohenstein etc. The Elbert Group’s catchment area by now includes France and Russia. And a recent enquiry even came from Dubai. The sheik values German workmanship for the interior fittings of new houses, explains Holger Elbert, with a certain amount of pride.


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